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Allen Major


Associate Attorney

Roles and Responsibilities

Allen Major is a senior associate at Katlowitz & Associates who is involved in the real estate and corporate areas. Allen’s hands-on real estate experience includes representing commercial and residential buyers, sellers, and borrowers in the acquisition, sale and financing of real estate; and landlords and tenants in negotiating and drafting commercial leases. In addition, Allen drafts all types of legal agreements.

He counsels businesses, analyzes agreements and deal structures in order to advise clients of their rights, responsibilities and potential courses of action.

Academic and Professional Background

Allen has a career of excellence and leadership.

Allen graduated with a J.D. from Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law in 2007 with Honors. He was awarded Dean’s Distinguished Scholar, and served as an Associate Editor of Cardozo Law Review.

A former writer for the premier legal portal Thomson Reuters’ Westlaw Business Currents, Allen conceptualized and authored feature articles on complex topics of transactional law, including corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, securities regulation and governance.

As a former member of the Securities and Exchange Committee of the New York County Lawyers’ Association, Allen’s research and writing has been published in the New York Business Law Journal, Hastings Business Law Journal, and other leading legal publications.

Pinpoint Precision

Legal agreements are only as solid as the words upon which they are built.

Allen’s meticulous nature drives him to pursue a high level of accuracy when drafting business agreements and legal documents. “Ambiguity in a document leads to litigation,” explains Allen. Whether he is resolving legal ambiguity or correcting technical errors, Allen’s sharp eye for detail reduces liability for clients by eliminating potential pitfalls from the outset.

Legal Ingenuity

When obvious answers are not available, Allen digs deep for clients.

Having authored feature articles for one of America’s top legal research portals, Allen is a legal innovator and master researcher. When a client faces legal predicaments with no obvious answers, Allen’s strong research abilities dig deep to unearth creative solutions. With Allen’s problem solving resources at the firm’s disposal, Katlowitz & Associates has turned seemingly hopeless cases into highly successful outcomes for clients.

Clear Communication

Because law is expressed through language, clear communication is critical to legal success.

In this regard, Allen’s ability to verbalize complex information in a direct and unambiguous manner is an indispensable advantage for Katlowitz & Associates and their clients. “When we talk about reducing liabilities for clients,” explains Allen, “communicating clearly with clients and related parties is as critical to our overall success as the legal strategies, solutions and expertise we provide.”

“Ambiguity in a document leads to litigation.”

– Allen Major, Esq.

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