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Commercial Real Estate

Facilitating prompt and effective transactions for over 30 years.

Protect Your Venture for the Long-term

Due to the value and complexity of commercial real estate transactions, expert legal counsel is a vital resource.

Katlowitz & Associates understands that strong legal positioning creates tangible value in commercial real estate. That is why we work at every stage to mitigate your legal risks while simultaneously advancing your business interests.

Common risks can include:

  • Defects in title
  • Debt service and lender requirements
  • Various liens, including mechanic’s liens
  • Zoning and land-use restrictions
  • Market fluctuations
  • Improper building conditions
  • Hazardous waste and environmental contamination

“Secure property in hand
leads to peace in mind.”

— Mencius

Experienced and Reliable Legal Counsel

Katlowitz & Associates has represented individual and business clients in commercial real estate since 1986.

commercial property

We utilize robust negotiation skills to promote your best interests during contract negotiation.

In addition, our skilled attorneys perform detailed analysis of contracts to better anticipate and prevent legal problems from the outset.

Having represented both lenders and borrowers, we thoroughly analyze the loan documents from the lender and borrow point of view.

Our Real Estate Expertise

We have extensive experience facilitating commercial real estate transactions across New York state.

This includes leasing, sales and acquisitions, development and financing.

We provide clients with legal counsel in commercial real estate transactions across the United States.

We draft, review and negotiate all types of leases. Our goal is to protect your interests and obtain the best possible terms. Our attorneys are known for their strong advocacy skills and thorough approach to contract formulation.

Our attorneys go the extra mile to uncover risks and creatively resolve problems from the outset. This includes detailed analysis, in-depth research and negotiation of contracts and financing documents.

Time is money in real estate. For example, closing in 30 days vs. 90 days can often save you tens of thousands of dollars on your mortgage. Our attorneys move swiftly with deadlines, regulatory and filing requirements and other time-sensitive elements of your transaction.

Construction projects are complex endeavors. Our attorneys make sure your contracts provide a legal framework for success.

To achieve this, we perform detailed analysis and in-depth research regarding your particular situation. We then draft, review and negotiate agreements with all parties involved in your project. This includes working with architects, engineers, contractors and subcontractors. We also represent developers in financing their projects.

We have experience representing both lenders and borrowers for large and small loans. You can expect legal representation that is both comprehensive and prompt.

“We don’t cut corners. We’re thorough and diligent so that your transaction is handled as effectively and expeditiously as possible.”

— Moshe Katlowitz

What You Get With Us

Fueling Our Stellar Track Record

  • Knowledge of Substantive and Procedural Law
  • Strong Written and Oral Advocacy Skills
  • Robust Negotiation Skills
  • Excellent Analytical and Reasoning Abilities
  • Command of Legal Research Techniques
  • Innovative Legal and Tax-related Solutions
  • Over 30 Years of Experience

High Quality Service

  • Pragmatic Guidance
  • Fierce Commitment to Clients
  • Outstanding Interpersonal Communication
  • Accessible via phone, email and in-person meetings

The Tax Advantage

Not only is Mr. Katlowitz an accomplished attorney, he is also a Certified Public Accountant with a Master’s degree in tax law. His tax expertise gives clients the valuable advantage of highly tax-conscious legal counsel. Clients benefit from Mr. Katlowitz’s creative tax solutions, such as deferring otherwise taxable gains on the sale of real estate.

Who Can We Help?

Katlowitz & Associates represents individuals, businesses, small and large developers, banks and other financial institutions that are pursuing commercial real estate transactions in New York State.

Feel Great About Your Legal Counsel

Finding the right law firm is a critical decision with long-term implications. We encourage you to request a complimentary interview with Mr. Katlowitz before making any decisions. You’ll be able to ask questions, get a feel for our style and decide if Katlowitz & Associates is right for you.

Please do not hesitate to request our list of references.

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